Current Vacancies

In addition to encouraging as much interaction with our office as possible throughout the application and leasing process, Ramona Property Managers minimizes the risk of misrepresentation or fraud by:

  • Updating our vacancy list on a daily basis. If you don’t see the property you are interested in posted below, it’s not available.
  • Photos used for marketing of RPM managed properties will always have an RPM Logo watermark.
  • We will never approve an application or sign a lease before you visit our offices or view the property you have applied for.
  • We will never ask you to send money before you visit our offices or view the property
  • We represent owners in all parts of leasing a property. The owners we represent will never negotiate directly with you or ask you to “call the when you’re at the property”
  • We will never ask you to return the key anywhere but the where you found it – back in the lockbox. 
  • Any third party requesting money for information on properties managed by Ramona Property Managers is doing so without our permission or consent.

If anybody asked you to do any of the above before viewing the property – you’re probably targeted as a potential victim of fraud. If you have any questions about the legitimacy of any rentals you see, please contact our office by calling 626-448-7882.

All questions regarding specific properties should be directed to our office by emailing

To save time, money, and resources, we highly recommend all potential applicants take a moment and please read our SCREENING NOTICE, APPLICATION, and ACCEPTANCE POLICY before applying.